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Erotic massage in Prague comes in many varieties. Make sure to acquaint yourself with the most popular

If there’s anything to be said about erotic massages in Prague, it’s the fact that there are almost infinite variations on this theme. With each salon trying to outdo the next one, improving their services and trying to come up with the next speciality, it’s hard to keep track of all the news in this field. Still, there are services which do not change that much and are available in practically every parlour in the city. Let us introduce you to the massages that make up the “core” of them all. These are the:

  •         Classical
  •         Nuru
  •         Tantra
  •         BDSM

Erotic massage that is the entryway for most – meet the classical

If you’ve ever had a non-erotic massage, you might get the gist. What is advertised as the “classic” treatment in most of the Prague parlours will consist of the standard, Swedish-type massage. But that’s not all, of course – stimulating of the erogenous zones is an inextricable part of the whole package. Close enough to the comfort zone, yet veering into the territory of the erotic – the classical treatment has been designed with precisely this in mind, and most beginners will try this one at first before moving on to the others.

Nuru is often called “sex without sex”, and there is a good reason for that

This Japanese massage has come a long way since its inception in the red light district of Japanese cities during the second half of the 20th century. Today, it is a staple feature in most of the sensual rubdown parlours all over the world, Prague included. This “slippery” procedure consists of close, body to body contact, during which the girl’s body will slide and grind against yours in the most exciting and riveting fashion, without initiating direct sexual contact. This exciting play is sought-after by the most refined of sensual connoisseurs, and for obvious reasons.

Choosing tantra means choosing a balance of the spiritual and the corporeal

With a tradition spanning perhaps thousands of years, tantra is an important part of Indian cultural heritage. But what we call a tantric massage in this context is actually a western creation, incorporating some elements of modern massage, as well as sexual therapy. There is a strong spiritual dimension to this experience, perhaps equally strong as the physical one. Tantra relies on the feelings of mutual sympathy and care shared by the “giver” and a “taker”. It has a meditative side as well, and relies heavily on rhythmical breathing. Another part of the practice is the so-called “edging”, meaning the gradual whipping up of arousal and sexual energy almost to the point of orgasm, before slowing down and then starting over again. This way, immense amounts of sexual energy build up before being finally released in an intensive, long-lasting orgasm.

BDSM treatment is not meant for the faint hearted

Another massage that is to be found on the menu of nearly every Prague massage salon is the BDSM massage. While perhaps not the first choice for the unexperienced, it nevertheless possesses many merits. It is mysterious, adventurous, alluring and boundary-breaking. However, as research shows, BDSM is not the domain of deviants and has its rules as well. It requires submission on the part of the man, letting the girl call the shots. Lots of men may find this to be the most difficult, foregoing their agency and submitting to the stronger will of the female. But remember, the parlour is a private, controlled environment. A place where you could role-play, experiment and try new things. If they won’t suit you, fine – you can stop any time and won’t have to do them ever again…

So, these were the four most popular massages to be found in Prague. Trying to step out of your comfort zone usually pays off. But it truly hits the jackpot if you try to book one of these, though you’ve previously never done it before!

Which one of these massages would suit you most and why? Would you be willing to try a BDSM treatment? Leave us a comment!

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