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What is the secret of working couples?

In the midst of a high rate of separations and divorces, many wonders what those secrets of relationships work. Want to know more about it? In this space we detail it. Click here for Memphis escorts.

Myths about love

Certain research emphasizes the myths that couples take as real. Some of them are the following:

Endless Love

They believe that love is definitive, forever, and that it never changes.

True love

They imagine that there are ideal, perfect relationships, without conflicts.

The perfect match

They believe that there is a unique, ideal, irreplaceable couple with whom everything will be perfect.

Myth of falling in love

They consider that love and falling in love is the same. Visit this site for Memphis escorts.

In addition to these myths, there are also others that are equally dangerous, such as those who believe that if there is no jealousy in a relationship, it is because there is no love.

The secret of couples that work

Now, we are going to unveil what is the secret of the couples that really work, and they are not precisely those who always go together everywhere. We will show you the keys so that your relationship as a couple can be lasting and also enjoyable.

The trust

Because the opposite, distrust, ends up being many times what ends with relationships. When there is not enough confidence, it is preferable to open the communication channel and express what it feels like.


It is necessary to see the good qualities in the couple and keep the crush. When couples learn together, or are surprised by each other’s achievements, the relationship works better.

Sense of humor

Laughing is healthy, but laughing together is much better, as well as softening conflicts that may arise.

Know how to listen

Not only to hear, but to know how to listen to try to occupy an empathic position, that is, to try to put oneself in the place of the other and try to understand what you may be feeling.


It is key for things to go well in other areas. For example, it is necessary to feel respected both in the sexual field and in everyday life. That way we can feel calm and confident.


It is crucial, especially at times when we feel we are going through a difficulty.


Physical contact is essential to maintain a good relationship. No one could deny the welfare generated by a hug.

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